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Membership Terms and Conditions


Payment and Terms


Membership of the Global ISO Register (“the ISO Register”) is for an initial minimum term of one year.


The member agrees to pay the annual subscription fee in force.


Upon payment of the subscription fee, the applicant shall be entitled to become a member of the ISO Register.


The subscription is subject to VAT at the current rate applying.


The first year's subscription fee is payable in advance to the ISO Register.  Thereafter the subscription fee will also be payable in advance on a year-to-year basis, for which the Member will receive a renewal notice.


The member shall not do anything which will bring or is likely to bring the reputation of the ISO Register into disrepute. 


Use of the ISO Register’s Insignia & Copyrighted Material


Membership of the ISO Register shall not entitle the Member:


i) To use any trade mark, insignia or logo owned or associated with the ISO Register (except for the members’ logo in accordance with terms and conditions as laid out below), and/or


ii) To copy and issue to members of the public any copyright material including pamphlets, brochures, handouts, posters and films produced by or on behalf of the ISO Register


Membership Details


Members shall notify the ISO Register of any change of Company name, address, telephone, fax number, e-mail address or contact name.




The Membership shall automatically cease if the Member:


i) Fails to pay the annual subscription fee in force within 30 days of a reminder notice in respect of that sum being sent out by the ISO Register


ii) Goes into liquidation or becomes bankrupt


Termination by the ISO Register


The ISO Register may terminate a membership if:


The ISO Register considers that any act of the Member brings, or is likely to bring, the reputation of the ISO Register  into disrepute


The Member breaches any term of the Membership conditions


In the event of termination of membership for whatever reason, the ISO Register shall not be liable to pay in whole or in part any subscription fee already paid, nor shall the Member be entitled to damages in respect of any loss or damage caused by termination.



The ISO Register reserves the right to publish or disclose to third parties, the names of any organisations stating or implying they are members or displaying or using the members’ logo where they are no longer fully paid members, or the membership has been terminated as a result of a breach of the terms and conditions.


Termination by the Member



The member may terminate their membership on giving written notice.  The resignation will be effective three months from the date the notice is received.  The Member shall pay a pro rata share of the prevailing annual subscription fee in respect of any part of the notice period which is not covered by an annual fee paid by the Member.  


Data Protection


All personal data is kept strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will not be passed to third parties for commercial use without the individual’s prior consent being separately obtained.


Global ISO Register Members’ Logo – Terms of Use and Disclaimer


The Global ISO Register logo may not be reproduced, except in exceptional circumstances with our express written permission. The ISO Register member organisations are provided with a specific members’ logo for use on their websites and printed material


Where members use the ISO Register name or logo in such a way that brings or is likely to bring the ISO Register or its name into disrepute the ISO Register has the right to terminate membership and seek damages.  This clause will survive the term of the membership period.




If permission to use the members’ logo is withdrawn as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions, it shall take effect immediately and stocks of materials bearing the ISO Register name and logo shall be forthwith withdrawn from distribution and destroyed at the Member’s expense. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the Member acknowledges that this is reasonable in order to safeguard the Rights of the ISO Register. If permission is withdrawn for other reasons, the ISO Register shall give the Member a period of two calendar months’ notice. No expenses will be covered by the ISO Register.


Member organisations are permitted to use the members’ logo only whilst their membership remains current and fully paid. Should this cease to be the case, it is the responsibility of the organisation to immediately cease displaying the members’ logo at their expense. 


The use of the logo is specific to member sites and where the logo is used on a corporate website, care should be taken to identify only member sites with the members’ logo.


The ISO Register name and logo may be used only in accordance with the ISO Register style sheet (provided with the logo)


The logo should appear exactly as in the approved code or images provided by the ISO Register. No alterations are permissible.


The electronic logo should be hyperlinked to and failure to fulfill this requirement may result in withdrawal of permission to use the logo.

The Global ISO Register is always looking to improve the services offered to its members and therefore reserves the right to change membership benefits at any time. 

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